T8LED(TM) White-LED Fluorescent Retrofit Kit


Albeo Technologies, Inc., today announced the immediate availability of the T8LED™ white-LED fluorescent retrofit kit. Designed with standard medium bi-pin ends, the T8LED can be installed in existing T8 and T12 fluorescent fixtures and is ideal for commercial and industrial applications where delivery, storage, installation, operation, or disposal of replacement fluorescent tubes is difficult or costly.

The T8LED provides similar usable light output and efficiency to fluorescents, but also includes unique features that clearly differentiate it from fluorescents. While fluorescent fixtures have long been a high-efficacy, cost-effective solution for industrial lighting applications, the T8LED has a much longer lifetime, uses no hazardous mercury, is nearly unbreakable, is free of annoying flicker, and with its optional integrated motion sensor, can provide dramatically higher energy savings while extending lamp life. When all of the associated costs are considered, including purchase, installation, lifetime, removal, recycling or disposal, total energy consumption, dimmability, and worker safety and productivity, the T8LED offers a superior alternative to T8's decades-old technology.

These advantages are especially valuable in commercial and industrial applications where challenging environments either reduce T8 lifespans or drive up maintenance costs. Examples include nuclear and fossil-fuel power plants, cold-storage warehouses, offshore drilling platforms, underground mines, shopping malls, airports, parking garages, or refineries and chemical plants. And because the T8LED fits easily into existing fluorescent fixtures, customers can retrofit their fixtures with T8LEDs as part of their regular fluorescent maintenance program, with no special tools or training required.

"As LED technology has improved, it has enabled LED lighting manufacturers to provide better lighting across various application segments," said Jeff Bisberg, Albeo's president and CEO. "Nobody loves fluorescent, and now Albeo is providing an upgraded solution for the old T12 and T8 fixtures that pays back within a couple of years."
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