Tabletop CNC Routers


ball screws, closed-loop servos Tabletop CNC router line features ball screws on all three axes to ensure minimal maintenance and long machine life. Other high-value features include closed-loop servo motors and drives. Tabletop line is ideal for production routing of plastic, wood, aluminum, composites, and more. Easy-to-use software interface communicates with any CAD/CAM G-code outputting system. Techno Inc., New Hyde Park, NY


• Machine Model: 130 • Travel: Y - 40.9; X - 49.2 • Table Size (W x D): 49.2 x 69.5 • Repeatability: 0.0004 • Resolution: .0001 • Maximum Speed in/min: 250 • Gantry * Clearance: 7.5, 11.8 or 19.6 • Z-Axis Travel: 6.8, 10.8 or 19.6
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