TAC24 Flashlight


The new TAC24 from ExtremeBeam is the perfect tool to any situation which requires the use of extra light. It features a 235 lumen LED bulb that is able to project light to distance of 400 meters thanks to a precision engineered reflecting cone that works to capture lumens often lost by other flashlighs on the market. And because the flashlight isn't using an excessively powerful bulb, the battery life of the TAC24 can last up to 7 straight while remaining cool to the touch.

The TAC24 is also built to take a beating. Its housing is slow machined from solid bar stock aluminum and fitted with ExtremeBeam's patented Anti-Recoil System. Unlike conventional springs found in other flashlights, this proprietary system protects the bulb and circuitry inside the flashlight from the forces of recoil equivalent to force produced from a .50 caliber BMG rifle.

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