Tag Technology for Maintenance Management


MicroMain is pleased to announce the release of InfoTag  , which uses Microsoft Tag technology for instant access to maintenance information via a smartphone. Tag is a new type of Microsoft 2D bar code optimized for displaying information on mobile phones. In order to read a Tag, users first download the free Microsoft Tag Reader. They are then able to snap the Tag, which connects to the customer's MicroMain database. This live feed instantly displays asset information on their iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or other smartphone.

We are used to tapping mobile phones for instant information," says Pat Conroy, President of MicroMain. "So now our customers can immediately see the maintenance history of an asset in the same way they can find a restaurant or look up directions on their smartphone. This new technology opens up a whole new way to track and manage equipment." With Microsoft Tag, users snap the image and immediately view information. They do not need to type in long URLs or SMS messages. Tags are dynamic and reflect live data unlike the static readings from bar codes. MicroMain InfoTag instantly displays an asset's maintenance service record. More details such as task steps and technician comments are available with one more click. In addition to maintenance history, standard asset details include warranty, location by property, manufacturer, install date and replace by date. With MicroMain InfoTag, users can create Tags for their equipment or have MicroMain provide this service for them. Tags are available in black and white or color and can be sized as small as a dime.  

"We are already working on new add-ons for InfoTag, such as repair manuals, floor plans, and video clips," says Conroy. "We are pleased to be the first to tap Tag technology for maintenance management, and we are very excited about the many advantages for our customers.


  • instant access to maintenance information
  • displays  information on mobile phones
  • see the maintenance history of an asset
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