Tamper-Proof Expansion Fitting For Long Conduit Runs


O-Z/Gedney, one of the world’s premier suppliers of fittings for electrical conduit, today introduced its new Type AXB expansion fitting, an ideal connecting solution for long conduit runs installed in areas subject to vandalism, theft, harsh weather and wide temperature variations.Used to permit linear movement in conduit runs caused by thermal expansion, therefore preventing conduit buckling or disconnection, the AXB stands out in its incorporation of an internal bonding jumper. This feature aids installation and maintenance by eliminating the need for an external jumper that could corrode or be tampered with by vandals. The AXB meets electrician demands for an expansion fitting that installs easily. No disassembly is required during installation, so there are no parts to lose and fewer tools are needed. The outer casing also slides open to view the jumper for simple, no-tools-required field inspections. The corrosion-resistant, hot-dipped galvanized outer casing is watertight and available in trade sizes from 1/2” through 2” with 4” and 8” movement.New O-Z/Gedney Type AXB expansion fittings are UL Listed.
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