Technical Guide for Pneumatics


The Expert Technical Guide: 5 Benefits of Pneumatic Grinders from Chicago Pneumatic helps operators in materials removal within the metal fabrication, automotive, offshore, and industrial engineering sectors to get the best out of their pneumatic angle grinders.


  • Select tools that are durable but lightweight, comfortable to handle and offer a good power-to-weight ratio
  • Ensure that spare parts and comprehensive after-sales support are readily available for the lifetime of the tools you choose
  • Always wear the right personal protective equipment (PPE), such as eye, hearing and hand protection
  • Do not apply undue force when using an angle grinder: excessive force is inefficient and can cause fatigue and stress for both the tool and the operator
  • Check before each use to ensure essential components like wheel guards, grinding wheels and triggers are sound and working properly. A video demonstrating how to operate a pneumatic grinder correctly is included in the Expert Guide. 
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