Techspray® Introduces Lead-Free / RoHS Products and Reference for Electronic Production


Lead Solder Test
Techspray’s new LeadCheck® swabs (2515-N) are a fast, easy-to-use method of testing components and solder joints for lead solder. Incoming components and boards, in addition to existing inventories, can be checked for RoHS compliance. This avoids mixed lead and lead-free inventories, lead contamination in RoHS compliant work areas, and potential penalties for shipping noncompliant products. LeadCheck swab kits are conveniently packaged in 8-packs so every station can be affordably equipped to prevent lead contamination from incoming and in-stock boards and components.

Lead-Free / RoHS Product Guide
The European RoHS regulation has thrown the electronics production industry into turmoil. Hundreds of current and potential customers are now in transition to new processes and products. Techspray’s new Lead-Free / RoHS Guide walks them through the issues related to defluxers, wick, mask, soldering tips, and solder pots.

• Explanation of RoHS and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives – A straight forward explanation of the European regulations.

• RoHS production issues – Challenges manufacturers can expect from the next operating parameters and Techspray’s solutions.

• Product listing for lead-free tested products – Full product listing for Techspray defluxers, wick, mask, and Plato® soldering tips and solder pots.

• RoHS audit sheet – Helps identify the best products for lead-free environments.

All Techspray branded products are RoHS compliant. Complete RoHS documentation is available at

At Techspray, our goal is to be the industry leader in PCB production and repair supplies. To accomplish this, we have been developing products and tools in anticipation of regulatory changes. We hope to increase our value to the electronics market by offering solutions previously unavailable through distribution.
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