Tee-Type Pipeline Strainer Features Two Types of Covers


Eaton's Model 91 Fabricated Tee-Type Pipeline Strainer protects expensive pipeline system components like pumps, nozzles, and instrumentation through removal of unwanted particulate matter from the system flow. Two different types of covers, bolted or davit assembly, are available for the Model 91. The bolted cover is cost effective and works well in applications where basket changing is infrequent. The davit assembly can be specified for larger strainers with heavy covers, making it possible for a single person to remove the cover of the strainer. If the strainer needs to be opened frequently for basket cleaning, a bolted cover is less effective because of the time needed to remove and then tighten the bolts. For these applications, Eaton offers the Model 91 Tee-Type Strainer with a hinged, quick-opening cover that is secured by swing bolts. This type of cover can even be adapted for higher-pressure applications. In many applications, the most important feature of the Model 91 Tee-Type Strainer from Eaton is its very low-pressure drop when compared to other types of strainers. The combination of a convoluted (pleated) strainer screen and a straight through flow path results in very low-pressure losses - making it ideal for applications where pressure drop is a critical concern. Eaton Model 91 Tee-Type Strainers are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, or if the application requires, special alloy construction. Flanged pipeline connections for 2" through 48" sizes are available in ANSI 150#, 300# or 600# ratings.


• Materials of Construction: Carbon steel, stainless steel or special alloy • Flanged Connections: ANSI 150#, 300# or 600# • Cover: Bolted or quick-opening hinged • Basket: Stainless steel or special alloy – perforated or mesh-lined • Options: ASME code construction, alloy construction, other pressure ratings, right angle flow, and steam jacket construction
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