Teflon® (PTFE) Tapes


Teflon® is highly regarded for its non-stick, anti-friction, extreme temperature, chemical resistance and high dielectric (insulating) strength. We supply Teflon® Tapes with adhesive in several forms: Pure Skived Teflon® PTFE Tape with adhesive, PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric Tape, Copper Teflon® Laminated Glass Tape and Black, Semi-Conductive, Anti-Static PTFE Coated Tape. FEP Tape is Optically clear, high temperature (-100 to +400F), chemically & moisture resistant. Electrically insulating. (Also sold WITHOUT ADHESIVE.)

We have two new exciting Teflon® Tape Product Lines: 1. "Fat" (Thick) Teflon® Tape”These tapes have the unique feature of being much thicker than standard PTFE Tape “from .020 thick to 125 thick with or without adhesive. #2. Teflon® PTFE High Bond Tape”These tapes have a high bond 3M adhesive which sticks to many Low Surface Energy Materials (like PTFE, Foam, Oily Metals, Slippery Plastics). This product line is available from 003 thick to .125 Widths range from .5 w to 48 wide. Custom Die Cut Parts are available for both new products.

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