Teledyne Relays Announces Series A152 High Repeatability Ultraminiature Broadband Attenuator Relays


Teledyne Relays has introduced the Series A152 family of highly repeatable, ultraminiature broadband attenuator relays for attenuating RF signals in 50-ohm and 75-ohm systems over a frequency range from DC to 5 GHz.

The low profile and small grid spacing of the A152 relays makes them ideal for use when packaging density is a prime consideration. The A152 relays offer a normally closed low-loss, bypass path and an attenuation path. The built-in functionality eliminates the need for additional external resistors.

These single-section, switchable attenuator relays have an internal matched thin film attenuator pad in a “Pi” configuration. Relays are available with a fixed 20 dB attenuation value. Other values ranging from 1 to 16 dB are available upon request.

The A152 relays feature high repeatability (±0.1db), high resistance to electrostatic discharge, flat amplitude versus frequency response, high isolation between control and signal path, stable attenuation versus temperature and excellent phase linearity.

The A152 relays incorporate a unique uni-frame motor design that provides high magnetic efficiency and mechanical rigidity. Minimum mass components and welded construction provide maximum resistance to shock and vibration.

The relays are manufactured with advanced cleaning techniques to assure internal cleanliness. They feature gold-plated, precious metal contacts, which provide excellent intermodulation performance. The A152 is RoHS compliant.

The A152 hermetically sealed package measures .375 x .510 x .295 inch (9.53 x 12.96 x 9.49 mm) and weighs .11 ounce (3.2g). Leads measure a minimum of 0.7 inch (17.78 mm).

The A152 is priced at $35.44 each in quantities of 500 units. Lead time for delivery is stock to 14 weeks.

Teledyne Relays, a Unit of Teledyne Electronics and Communications, has been the world’s innovative leader in manufacturing ultraminiature, hermetically sealed, electromechanical and solid-state switching products for more than 40 years. The company’s comprehensive product line meets a wide range of requirements for industrial, commercial, military and aerospace uses.


• Temperature (Ambient) Storage: –65°C to +125°C Operating: –55°C to +85°C • Vibration (General Note 1): 10 g’s to 500 Hz • Shock (General Note 1): 30 g’s, 6ms half sine • Enclosure: Hermetically sealed • Weight: 0.11 oz. (3.2g) max.
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