Telescopic Door Stay for Lids & Door Panels


DIRAK, a global innovator in latches, locks and hinges, introduces a new heavy-duty durable telescopic door stay for lids and control panels. This product is ideal for use in the construction of lids and covers for switch cabinets and control panels that need to be supported when the lid is in the open position. What makes this product unique is that unlike other products on the market, there are riveting connecting links and a stainless steel catch lever which ensures a high degree of stability. The large diameter (34x15) and the precisely bent U-profile give the product added strength. The supports are easy to engage and disengage with one hand. In order to engage the lock, simply fully extend the telescopic door stay, which enables the alignment with the inner catch lever. A simple push of about 3 mm will engage the telescopic stay. With an additional upward lifting motion, the catch will disengage and the cover support will retract. The product features an automatic locking and unlocking mechanism. Installation can be enacted on either the right or left side by simply installing a mounting bracket. The product is available in two sizes including: 215 mm model: retracted 215 mm, extended 365 mm 395 mm model: retracted 395 mm, extended 725 mm To learn about SNAP-LINE products online, click on the D-SNAP image from DIRAK’s homepage, accessible from this page.
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