Temp Transmitter for Hazardous Areas


Foxboro RTT15S Optical Temperature Transmitters feature a large, backlit LCD display with optical configuration buttons – operable through the glass cover of the unit’s explosion-proof housing – that enable users to locally configure and operate the transmitter even in hazardous locations without the need for process shutdown.


Designed to serve a wide range of temperature applications, the transmitters are microprocessor controlled, use the HART® version 5 or 7 communication protocols, and can receive input signals from thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), and ohm or millivolt sources.


Features of the RTT15S Optical Temperature Transmitter include:

  • microprocessor-based electronics minimize ambient temp effects while delivering high accuracy, repeatability, and linearization of input signals
  • advanced calibration routine continuously checks zero and full-scale outputs
  • adjustments, if needed, are made automatically without interrupting transmitter output signals
  • optional LCD display offers selectable red or white background and 5 lines of text or symbols
  • other user-configurable features include low and high out-of-range values (between 3.5 and 23 ma) and sensor error detection
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