Temperature Sensing Flow Switch


The hot, new innovation from Harwil Corp combines the functions of temperature sensing and fluid flow switching. The newest switch senses temperatures from 0 to 70 C while switching an electrical connection based on fluid flow rates from 1-590 GPM in pipes from ¾ to 8 inches. The switches are made to OEM specifications for pipe size and flow rates. Two basic models are available: Noryl® for mild acid or base solutions or Fortron® for more corrosive fluids. Complete chemical resistance information is available on www.harwil.com. Electrical rating is 50 Watts, 120/250 VAC. The new compact switch mounts horizontally or vertically and can be ordered in a clear ¾” pre-barbed TEE.

The temperature sensing flow switches are reliable and low-cost, like the traditional Harwil Corp line of flow and level switches. Technical assistance is available at Harwil Corp’s Oxnard, California based manufacturing plant.
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