Textile Glass Duct Liner


Denver, Colo. (June 29, 2006) –- Johns Manville has significantly improved its LinaTex™ Textile Fiber Duct Liner by fortifying the black, high-density glass mat airstream surface to increase durability and resistance to fiber erosion when exposed to the airstream in commercial duct systems. In addition, the product specification now includes recycled content, making the product more attractive for use in LEED® registered building projects.

During the May launch, Johns Manville field-tested LinaTex™ duct liner with over a dozen sheet metal contractors. Contractor feedback was consistent in stating that the tougher mat is highly flexible and will resist pull-through when pinning. Contractors stated that this could significantly lessen the need for repairs, requiring fewer call backs and minimizing product waste.

To satisfy the growing demand for products to support green building programs, LinaTex™ now contains up to 75 percent of pre-consumer and post-industrial content. Compared to some competing duct liner products containing 20 - 30 percent recycled content, LinaTex™ duct liner gives engineers and contractors a significant new option and can contribute toward obtaining Materials & Resources credits 4.1 and 4.2 for recycled content under the USGBC LEED® program.

“LinaTex™ duct liner offers an excellent way to improve indoor building environments, while supporting green building requirements,” said Lance Bonin, product manager for Johns Manville’s Commercial Air Handling products. “It controls temperature, improves energy efficiency, and significantly reduces the crosstalk and equipment noise common with sheet metal ducting. Fiber glass duct liner continues to be the most cost-effective solution to temperature, noise and condensation control in HVAC air ducts.”


• ASTM C 1071, Type I • ASHRAE 62 • SMACNA Application Standards for Duct Liners • NAIMA Fibrous Glass Duct Liner Installation Standard • State of Washington Building Services Department • requirements for emissions of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and formaldehyde (CHOH) in accordance with ASTMD 5116
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