Textured Front Panel Displays


Custom front panels that are highly durable and feature clear distortion-free windows combined with bright finishes and selective texturing are being introduced by Nameplates For Industry, Inc. Texturite™ Selective Textured Front Panels are custom made using a process which starts with a hard-coat clear material such as Lexan® or Mylar® and creates selectively textured sections for decorative and functional purposes.  Featuring clear distortion-free windows, these panels can highlight keypad buttons for a smooth tactile feel or stunning visual effect and accentuate logos. 

Unlike conventional textured panels made using a textured substrate with a process that creates a window, Texturite™ Selective Textured Front Panels start with clear distortion-free substrate and then produces a combination of windows, high gloss buttons or accents and selectively textured panels.  Applications include keypads, graphic overlays, panels, and name plates. Texturite™ Selective Textured Front Panels are priced according to construction and quantity.  Price quotations and free samples are available upon request.  The firm has a rapid delivery prototype program.


  • clear distortion-free windows 
  • bright finishes
  • selective texturing 
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