The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave


An expert on employee engagement, author Leigh Branham believes that employee turnover is largely preventable. In The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, Branham reveals what really pushes talented, dedicated people out the door. Along with surprising and useful insights, he provides an arsenal of innovative strategies to help business leaders and managers keep the people their company depends on.


Book brings timely and important understanding to:

  • Loss of trust in senior leaders. Branham's findings confirm, employees have become increasingly cynical about upper management.
  • Feeling devalued. In a climate of frozen salaries, money matters to employees much more than it did a few years ago.
  • Lack of growth opportunities. Employees who keep hitting roadblocks will feel frustrated and driven to move up.
  • Stress. As Branham's evidence shows, stress from overwork in the American workplace has reached epidemic proportions.
  • Coaching and feedback. Ongoing coaching and ample feedback are vital to not only employee performance, but also satisfaction.
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