The AMA Dictionary of Business & Management


The AMA Dictionary of Business & Management is an essential source for everyone who needs to speak and write the language of business with clarity, impact, and ease. This comprehensive reference supplies definitions for more than 6,000 key business and management terms with the authority and depth generally lacking in the "webinitions" that abound online. In addition to concisely demystifying terminology and catch-phrases from AAA to low-hanging fruit to zero-based budgeting, it provides longer entries for ideas needing more extensive explanations—for starters: Business Plan and Life Cycle Strategy (LCS).


Users will find reliable, immediately graspable, and useful definitions of:

  • economic theories and accounting rules
  • core management principles and best practices
  • performance metrics, operating procedures, and approaches to strategy
  • legal terminology critical to business deals, partnerships, acquisitions, and contracts
  • terms of the trade in finance, banking, and insurance
  • the specialized lingo and buzzwords of sales and marketing
  • the functional language of human resources and training and development
  • the language of international business
  • popular business slang and all the latest acronyms
  • thousands of technical terms omitted from even premier unabridged dictionaries
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