The Burkert Type 8030HT Paddle-Wheel Flow Sensor


The Type 8030HT is built to meet the high-temperature/high-pressure heating/cooling requirements in industrial settings. The unit accommodates neutral and slightly aggressive solid-free liquids.
The Type 8030HT handles medium temperatures up to 320°F and fluid pressures up to 580 psi. The unit’s minimum/maximum velocity range is 1.64 f/s to 32.8 f/s. This translates into a flow range of approximately 0.3 gpm to 500 gpm. Accuracy (teach-in) is ±1% fs; accuracy (standard K-factor) is ±(1% fs + 3% of measured value). Linearity is ±0.5% fs, while repeatability is 0.4% of measured value. The unit is compatible with pipe diameters of 1/2- to 2-inches.

The Type 8030HT’s axis and paddle-wheel are both constructed of stainless steel, with the non-magnetic paddle-wheel insensitive to ferromagnetic particles. To mount and dismount the unit’s sensor head, a simple quarter-turn is all that’s required. This eliminates the need to open the pipe and disrupt the running process.

The Type 8030HT is available in two versions: two-wire frequency sinusoidal and three-wire frequency pulse. The unit can be easily connected to standard remote electronic devices.


• Specification • NPT-port connection, internal thread (NAFTA • (DN 8)1) • 449 732 • DN 15) • 449 733 • (DN 20) • 449 734 • (DN 25) • 449 735 • DN 32) • 449 736 • DN 40) • 449 737 • DN 50 • 449 738
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