'The Entrepreneurial Culture"


If any business is to thrive in the global marketplace, its employees must be engaged and empowered. In other words, they must think like owners. Problem is, few employees know how. Your job as a leader is to train them to think this way. Because entrepreneurial thinking is a natural extension of company culture, you may need to re-build yours from the ground up.
Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey— New York Times bestselling authors and founders of Barefoot, America’s #1 wine brand—know how to create the conditions that draw out and nourish people’s inner entrepreneurs. Here, they take the principles that empowered their own tribe of productive, creative, loyal employees to beat the odds and boil those principles down into quick, easy lessons you can put into practice right away.



You’ll discover:
• How to find and hire people with entrepreneurial DNA
• How to drive results with performance-based compensation
• How to foster innovation by getting out of your people’s way
• How to remove roadblocks to the entrepreneurial spirit
• Why everyone at your company must ask questions (including you)
• Why your people should embrace mistakes


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