The Exchange


Studies indicate that on average, managers and supervisors spend a little more than 40% of their time resolving workplace conflicts. All this time adds up to a lot of headaches, a hit to morale, and a significant loss in productivity. The Exchange is for every director, manager, and supervisor who is tired of using trial and error to put out fires. 

Supplying readers with proven tools for resolving emotionally charged disputes, this go-to-guide details a four-stage process derived from the conflict resolution model used for more than 25 years at the National Conflict Resolution Center. Designed specifically for the workplace, this highly structured process facilitates the discussion of intense emotional issues so you can learn to preempt and de-escalate disputes before they become volatile. Whether your company is restructuring, down-sizing, or merging—or simply needs helpful techniques for use in meetings with angry, disruptive, and disputing employees—this book is for you!


  • A different approach to resolving workplace disputes
  • How the exchange works: a case study
  • Getting ready
  • Holding private meetings
  • Developing an issue list
  • Conducting the joint meeting
  • Problem solving: building a solution together
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