The Manager's Guide to HR


A quick and ready reference, The Manager's Guide to HR has long been the gold standard for those needing clarification on hot-button issues such as privacy, workplace conflict, sexual harassment, disabilities, and more. Now extensively updated to reflect legal and regulatory changes, the book answers all the questions you're likely to ask a manager or small-business owner, such as: How much documentation do you need to keep on each employee? What's the best way to confront complicated personnel issues, and even workplace violence? The book also provides a clear, thorough overview of federal laws—what they protect against, how they are enforced, and what compensation may be required when they are broken.


This second edition includes current trends information on:

  • How social media is changing the recruitment landscape
  • Shifting labor standards regarding compensation and benefits
  • The National Labor Relations Board's stance on work-related employee speech on social media
  • The Employee Retirement Income Security Act
  • New record-keeping requirements
  • Amendments to the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act
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