The Market-Driven Supply Chain


The Market-Driven Supply Chain delivers an original, in-depth methodology and detailed case studies to help you transform your traditional, internally focused supply chains into advanced, market-driven S&OP—a gateway to enhanced market share and liberated cash flows.


The book's conceptual framework is complemented by step-by-step guidelines and easy-to-use tools that show you how to:

  • Use analytics to conduct value segmentation based on customer needs and differences, and develop go-to-market strategy for each segment.
  • Improve your organization's performance using time advantage and customer connectivity strategies.
  • Replace "conventional wisdom" based on past behavior with facts and market analysis that look to the future.
  • Create open and productive collaboration across, up, and down the organization.
  • Implement monthly planning processes for effectively managing demand.
  • Design a weekly rate-based planning process at the operational level—the key for becoming market-driven in inventory replenishment, procurement, and production.
  • Retool 26 management processes to achieve advanced, market-savvy S&OP.
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