HaydonKerk Motion Solutions™, a premier manufacturer of linear motion products, offers the MotoRGS™ motorized linear slide assembly. The MotoRGS incorporates the Kerk® Rapid Guide Screw (RGS®) linear slide and the Haydon™ size 17 hybrid stepper motor providing a single source optimized solution. The MotoRGS combines both Kerk and Haydon technology in a single unit that provides exceptional linear speed, accurate positioning, and a high linear force to size ratio resulting in a compact, value-priced assembly. Kerk RGS linear slides feature standard wear-compensating, anti-backlash driven carriages to insure repeatable and accurate positioning. All moving surfaces include Kerkite® high performance polymers running on either Kerkote® or Black Ice™ TFE coatings, providing a strong, stable platform for a variety of linear motion applications. Featuring a compact profile, Kerk RGS linear slides provide exceptional torsional stiffness and stability for its size and weight. The integral mounting base offers support over the entire length, with a wide range of available leads, offering superior positioning accuracy, repeatability and axial stiffness compared with belts and pulleys. The Haydon size 17 stepper motor is a compact design exhibiting a high torque to size ratio and features optional flying leads or an integrated connector. The Haydon size 17 is also available in both a single stack and double stack variety depending on performance needs. The MotoRGS will come preassembled with the size 17 motor with the RGS4000, RGS6000 and RGSW6000 linear slides. By combining components and preassembling the unit, HaydonKerk is able to reduce risk, increase safety, and improve integration for the OEM or end user. The overall cost for the customer is also lowered by offering a complete solution as it eliminates the need for rotary to linear motion conversion, as well as simplifies product development with fewer components utilized. Applications for the MotoRGS include material transport for packaging and assembly, sample delivery for life science, compact syringe drive dispensing, slicing, cutting, and various other applications.
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