The MRD Concept


As the world seeks to recover from this unprecedented recession, one thing becomes clear, and that is, remaining in business and remaining profitable is going to be tougher. The time has come to return to the basics. The business world must now focus on innovating its processes and look at different and better ways to remain in business and make profits. This book puts forth a business management innovation concept—requiring a paradigm shift in focus from finance, marketing, or manufacturing to a centralized focus on the material resources of the organization. In most businesses, each department is ignorant of what others are doing. In fact, they often compete and undermine each other. Under the MRD concept, an MRD leader centralizes all departments with the focus on effective use of all material resources. These include input materials for production, finished products, plant, and machinery. The concept suggests focusing on the entire material resources of an organization: its procurement, maintenance, usage, re-use, and finally disposal. 

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