The Power of One: You're the Boss


What if you had the power to make work a place employees found rewarding, even enjoyable? To help others build their skills and advance their careers? Lead the completion of projects that make people feel proud? To generate wealth for employees, investors, and local businesses? To be respected and admired as a role model? 

If you think it would be ideal, step up to the plate and become a boss that is skill-equipped for the job—that's a Power of One leader!


What type of skill equipment does a Power of One leader have?

  • The skills to motivate employees
  • The skills to minimize and defuse all manner of conflict
  • The personal skills and behaviors to earn respect
  • The skills to create and execute strategies
  • The skills to monitor and manage an organization's financial gauges
  • The skills to lead through economic contractions and expansions
  • The skills to lead the creation of innovative marketable products
  • The skills to navigate relevant regulations
  • The skills to develop processes that continually drive productivity
  • A moral compass that guides decisions
  • Skills that are geared for leading in an interconnected world
  • The skills to stand tall and sleep well
  • The skills to be a role model for the positive power of one
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