The SuperStar .01 Micron Filter


LA-MAN ® Corporation has a unique approach to providing filtration for compressed air systems. The patented series of SuperStar .01 Micron Filters are designed to be installed at the point of use to efficiently remove moisture and contaminants from air lines in order to improve and extend the life cycle of tools and equipment.

The innovative SuperStar .01 Micron Filter is a four-stage filter designed to operate most effectively within twenty-five feet of the point of use. By incorporating a charcoal absorption element, the filter offers a standard .01 Micron rating with flow ranges of 50, 75 or 100 SCFM and pressure ratings of 250psi. The SuperStar .01 Micron Filter is an ideal solution for an extensive array of applications that require the highest standards of compressed air.     
Additional standard features of the SuperStar .01 Micron Filter include built-in differential pressure gauges and Automatic Float Drain. The differential pressure gauges provide a visual indication of required maintenance, which is easily accomplished with the installation of the appropriate service kit and without removing the unit from the air system. The Automatic Float Drain allows for the discharge of moisture from the SuperStar .01 Micron Filter with no electrical requirements.

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