The “U-STEP” to Help Alleviate Suspension Trauma


FrenchCreek Production, Inc (FCP) a Franklin, PA based manufacturer of quality Fall Protection and Rescue/Recovery Systems, has officially announced the release of the U-STEP - a product designed to help alleviate suspension trauma in the event of a fall.

The U-STEP was developed following the release of FrenchCreek’s patent pending U-RES-Q. “The two products function differently, yet accomplish a similar goal,” says FCP President and Founder Carl Wible. “With the release of both products, we are providing our users with quality options in combating suspension trauma.”

The U-STEP comes complete with two compact, lightweight ‘packs’ that easily attached to the sides (left and right) of a full body harness by choking around the harness. In the event of a fall, a worker can immediately pull the webbing from the ‘packs’ and connect the locking clasps, creating a loop that the suspended worker can step on - to alleviate harness pressure, and reduce the risk of suspension trauma. The webbing/loop is also easily adjustable to varying lengths, which accommodates different body sizes and allows for continuous adjustment during suspension.

The U-STEP is to be used in conjunction with a full body harness and a complete fall prevention/rescue program. It can be attached to most harness sizes, styles, and brands.

What is Suspension Trauma?
Suspension Trauma or Orthostatic Intolerance is a condition that can occur when an individual remains suspended, even for short amounts of time. Suspension in a harness can restrict the blood flow through the veins in the legs, causing the blood to pool, and slowing the flow to all major organs, including the brain – resulting in unconsciousness. If the individual is not rescued in a timely manner, serious injury or death may occur.
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