Therm 6.0 Software for Sizing Industrial Enclosure Climate Control Solutions


Proper climate control is vital to the success of industrial enclosure applications. Protecting the functionality and extending the life of installed components, avoiding heat-related failures that can cause costly unscheduled downtime and ensuring energy efficiency by not “over-cooling” the enclosure are all benefits of employing the right climate control solution for the job.
Rittal’s Therm 6.0 enclosure climate control specification software, now available for download by visiting, helps users to select the type and size of climate control solution that best suits their needs to optimize effectiveness and efficiency. This latest version expands upon the popular Rittal Therm platform with new features, improved navigation and a more intuitive design that makes choosing the appropriate climate control solution for industrial enclosure applications more accurate and easier than ever before. To find a solution tailored to their particular circumstances, users simply enter data relevant to their application and, by completing a series of calculations, Therm 6.0 determines the cooling capacity required to provide the best solution possible based on the information provided.

Therm 6.0 considers all of the “obvious” factors in its calculations such as the size and location of the enclosures, ambient temperature and the maximum allowable internal temperature, but also offers the ability to dig deeper. An integrated database containing the heat loss of many commonly installed electrical components, fully integrated air humidity calculation, variables encountered with bayed enclosure suites and even elevation above sea level are some of the in-depth criteria Therm 6.0 can use to help users find the ideal climate control solution. Combined with the simultaneous selection of roof and wall-mounted units (where applicable), the flexibility to output calculation results as HTML or XML documents and the ability to import prior calculations from Therm 5.14, Therm 6.0 brings a new and unique blend of precision and convenience to industrial climate control selection.                            

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