Therm-O-Flow® 200 Bulk Melt System


Graco’s new Therm-O-Flow 200 bulk melt systems feature heated, ram-mounted, supply pumps with a patented non-stick, heated Mega-Flo platen that transfers hot melt and warm melt sealants and adhesives up to 204°C (400°F) from drums to a variety of manual or automatic, extrusion or swirl applicators. The systems utilize Graco’s reliable Severe-Duty Check-Mate® pumps with power ratios up to 70:1, allowing them to handle high viscosity materials (up to 5 million mPa) at flow rates to 2.8 gpm (10.6 lpm) at 60 cpm.

Therm-O-Flow systems feature EasyKey™, a simple, easy-to-use intuitive control that displays actual and set point temperatures, a Material Totalizer that can be reset to track job or daily material usage, as well as a 7-day automatic startup timer that has the system ready to go when your shift arrives. The Therm-O-Flow also features integrated self-diagnostics for quick, easy maintenance, and sensors to signal when drum changes are needed.

The Therm-O-Flow also provides temperature control in up to 12 zones, and features an improved blow-off and vent design, as well as quick change pump packings. Therm-O-Flow is CE-approved.
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