Therm-O-Flow® Systems


Graco has redesigned its Therm-O-Flow 20 and 200 bulk melt systems with new technologies, providing quieter operation, better performance, longer service life, and improved process efficiency. Therm-O-Flow systems feature the new NXT™ Air Motor, Graco’s next generation of air motors, as well as the patented Mega-Flo™ platen, which offers industry-leading melt rates, even with high-viscosity materials. In addition, this system features EasyKey™, a simple, easy-to-use intuitive control that displays actual and set point temperatures, a material totalizer that can be reset to track material usage, and a seven-day automatic startup timer. The system supports self-diagnostics which allow for predictive and preventative maintenance strategies, and includes sensors that signal when drum changes are needed. Therm-O-Flow units are easily integrated with a second Therm-O-Flow for tandem operation. Therm-O-Flow is CE-approved.
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