ZOO Fans provide the perfect solution to quiet those downright annoying people who constantly complain about their thermal comfort. Specifically engineered to be low noise, while moving large volumes of air, ZOO Fans bring warm air down in cold weather and mix cold, conditioned air in warm weather.

By eliminating the huge temperature differential between floor and ceiling, in grand style no less, companies reap the financial bonus of lowering energy costs whilst enhancing occupant comfort year round.

ZOO Fans are available in two models:

1) H25-AC, which is used to destratify buildings having ceiling heights up to 25 feet

2) H60-AC, which is used to destratify buildings having ceiling heights up to 60 feet

Both models:

1) Incorporate a proprietary impeller design which has seven curved serrated blades, each with a winglet on the tip. These optimize air flow and reduce noise.

2) Come with a variable speed controller so companies have the choice to increase or decrease airflow to enhance the comfort of building occupants.

3) The housing is fire-resistant ABS plastic.

4) Mounting is versatile by having a choice of using either cable or rod.


1) Up to 650 cfm
2) .44 amps, 5 W
3) Overall dimensions - 21 7/6" tall (includes handle), 17 1/2" wide.
4) Weight: 14 3/4 lbs


1) Up to 1250 cfm
2) .95 amps, 11 W
3) Overall dimensions - 25 13/6" tall (includes handle), 21" wide.
4) Weight: 19 3/4 lbs

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Anonymous, IT/Technology Management, Information Systems
Best destratification fan on the market.