Thermal Equalizer Air Movement System


AIRIUS(r) Thermal Equalizer is an extremely compact, low-wattage energy-efficient air movement system. Suspended near the ceiling, the most commonly used AIRIUS model is a nearly silent air turbine that quietly and aerodynamically drives a column of hot air from the ceiling directly to the cooler floor below, mixing with the cooler air and generating a series of air currents that continue to circulate the air from ceiling to floor continuously. This process creates a constant equalization of air temperature in a process called thermal destratification, or thermal equalization, that allows thermostats to be lowered in the winter and raised in the summer-resulting in huge energy savings because of a substantial reduction in energy consumption. The AIRIUS Thermal Equalizer provides an important solution, and within only 24 hours of use, floor-to-ceiling temperatures are regulated and maintained within 3°F. Any building with an office ceiling height of 8 feet and facilities up to 70 feet can benefit from the AIRIUS Thermal Equalizer.

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Anonymous, Operations, Production and Plant Management
Best destratification fan on the market. The build quality is obvious the second it's in your hands.