Thermally Controlled Spot Cooling Fan


Providing industrial design engineers
with a quick, inexpensive and convenient solution to the problem of
"hot spots" within enclosures, Orion Fans has developed a series of
plug-in thermally controlled fans that can be added to any existing
electronic cabinet to direct increased airflow to specific areas that
are experiencing elevated temperatures.  These "spot cooling" fans
are supplied with a standard NEMA 5-15P AC plug-in transformer,
giving enclosure manufacturers the ability to add them anywhere
within their cabinets.  The spot cooling fans are available from stock
in 92mm x 25mm and 120mm x 32mm sizes; but Orion will develop
them based on any standard fan size and airflow required by customers.

"In today's densely-packed industrial enclosures, manufacturers
often discover that specific areas within the cabinet require
additional airflow to maintain an optimum temperature," said Kevin
Knight, Marketing Manager for Orion Fans.  "Our spot cooling fans
enable them to quickly solve their airflow problem without a costly
redesign or even rewiring to add a fan. All they have to do is plug
it in."

Orion offers a broad range of AC and DC fans ranging from 17mm
to 280mm in diameter, delivering airflows up to 1130cfm. All Orion Fans
are UL/cUL, TUV, VDE and CE approved. JIT delivery programs are
available worldwide.

Orion fans are suitable for a wide range of applications, including
industrial controls, servers, telecommunications, computer
equipment, motor drives and cabinets, electronic enclosures and
panels. Orion will also provide additional customization or value
added services depending on customer requirements.
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