LPS Laboratories announces the introduction of two new bearing greases to our ThermaPlex® line of bearing greases: ThermaPlex® Bio-Green™ Bearing Grease and ThermaPlex® CS Moly Bearing Grease.

Bio Green™ Bearing Grease
Bio Green™ Bearing Grease is an environmentally responsible, premium performance, biodegradable grease. Bio Green™ is an NLGI 2 grease that prolongs bearing life and provides outstanding extreme pressure performance, superior rust and corrosion protection, and exceptional water resistance. Bio Green™ is qualified to the USDA Biopreferred program.
CS Moly Bearing Grease
CS Moly Bearing Grease is a premium performance, calcium sulfonate grease that is enhanced with molybdenum disulfide. CS Moly is an NLGI 2 grease that reduces wear from vibration and prolongs bearing life. CS Moly has a very high load carrying capacity, superior water resistance, and provides excellent rust and corrosion protection.

Both Bio-Green™ Bearing Grease and CS Moly Bearing Grease are available in a 14.1 ounce cartridge and a 35 pound pail.


THERMAPLEX® Bio Green Bearing Grease * Environmentally responsible * Premium performance, biodegradable grease * NLGI No. 2 * Prolongs bearing life * Outstanding extreme pressure (EP) performance * EMCOR Rust Test, ASTM D6138 rating 0/0 * Exceptional water resistance * Wide operating temperature range: -10°F to 370°F (-23°C to188°C) * Multi-application bearing grease * Green color allows easy visual inspection * Worker safe * Extends relubrication intervals for bearings * Excellent thermal and oxidative stability * Non-toxic * NSF® registered category code H2, registration #142148 THERMAPLEX® CS Moly Bearing Grease * Premium performance, calcium sulfonate grease * NLGI No. 2 * Enhanced with molybdenum disulfide * Reduces wear from vibration * Prolongs bearing life * Very high load carrying capacity * Superior water resistance * EMCOR Rust Test, ASTM D6138 rating 0/0 * Wide operating temperature range: 0°F to 425°F (-18°C to 218°C) * Multi-application bearing grease * Excellent adhesive and cohesive properties * Extends relubrication intervals for bearings * Excellent oxidation stability * Nonfood Compounds Program Listed Category Code: H2 Registration # 142214
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