Thin Film Chip Resistor Arrays


The RAVN Series from Stackpole is a thin film based chip array designed for applications with tight tolerance or tight TCR requirements.  The RAVN Series offers four resistive elements in a package measuring 1.6mm by 3.2mm with resistance values from 100 ohms up to 33K ohms in a 0.1% tolerance.  This part can also achieve 10 ppm TCR for a limited resistance value range.  The RAVN Series also has the outstanding environmental and electrical stability expected of thin film resistors. The RAVN Series is ideal for a wide range of test instrumentation, gauges, meters, and scopes.  It is also a good choice for precision controls, robotics, medical instruments, and high speed data communication.


  • four resistive elements
  • resistance values from 100 ohms up to 33K ohms
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