Three Color Display Electronic Vacuum Switch


Piab has introduced a new three color display electronic vacuum switch for vacuum system monitoring and for saving energy. The switch has a powerful three-color (red, orange, green) LCD display that makes it easy to read from a distance, preventing the need to be in close proximity to a moving robot or machine cell.  The dual display shows both the set value and the actual value allowing for precise monitoring of the vacuum system. Set up is a breeze with the easy control buttons as is the installation as mounting brackets are included.  

Seven different programmable units of vacuum are available and the switch features two selectable PNP outputs, NO or NC. A “power save” mode provides up to a 30% savings in energy. Along with an adjustable hysteresis and dual outputs, this switch a perfect tool for an electronic controlled energy-savings system for an air operated vacuum generator. Other features include a key-lock mode to prevent unauthorized or accidental changes.  An adjustable response time feature (2.5 – 1500 ms) makes it easier to fine-tune programming of related sequences for the robot or machine.  The switch is both CE approved and RoHs compliant.


  • easy to read from a distance
  • easy control buttons
  • adjustable hysteresis and dual outputs

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