Three-Wheel Electric Lift Truck


The new Yale® ERP025-030VC three-wheel sit-down electric series is designed with a narrow width and tight turning radius, allowing operators to maneuver more confidently and efficiently in constricted areas or congested loading docks. The series offers 2,500 or 3,000 pounds of lifting capacity, making them ideal for light manufacturing, food processing, third-party logistics and distribution applications. 

“Yale is committed to providing customers with flexible and versatile solutions that efficiently meet their facility requirements,” said J.B. Mayes, counterbalance product manager for Yale. “Our new ERP025-030VC series helps keep productivity high through the ability to operate efficiently even when space is at a minimum.” The new three-wheel electric riders are only 39.2 inches wide and have an outside turning radius of 55 inches for the ERP025VC model and 57.2 inches for the ERP030VC model. Both models are equipped with AC motors, providing smooth acceleration and superior travel, torque and lifting performance. In addition, the trucks feature a rear wheel drive motor, single steer tire, drum brakes and a manual parking brake. 

The masts on the ERP-VC models feature a variable lap design to improve mast rigidity and forward visibility through decreased channel stack width. The new series also provides flexibility to customize the truck’s hydraulic and traction performance to the application, increasing operational efficiency. Whether the end user needs extended battery shift life, aggressive performance or fast travel speeds for long hauls, the truck can be programmed to maximize performance for a particular application


  • narrow width and tight turning radius
  • 2,500 or 3,000 pounds of lifting capacity
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