Thru Hole Resistors


The MG and MGM series from Stackpole is a high voltage metal glaze series of thru hole resistors.  The metal glaze technology utilized to achieve the high voltage ratings is impervious to moisture making them ideal for high humidity applications with high voltage requirements.  In addition, the thick film technology is less expensive than many competitive high voltage resistors of similar size and voltage rating. 

Applications for the MG / MGM include high voltage power supplies, lighting ballasts, voltage dividers, robotics, welding equipment, industrial controls, plasma cutting equipment, UPS systems, portable medical diagnostic and monitoring equipment, EKG and ECG equipment, and high voltage snubber resistors. Pricing for the MG / MGM series varies with size and resistance value and ranges from $0.056 to $0.45 each in full reel quantities.  


  • ideal for high humidity applications
  • thick film technology

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