Tie Rod Cylinders Catalog


Bosch Rexroth’s new Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinder Catalog provides comprehensive technical information on the company’s CDT, CST and CGT series of National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) style hydraulic tie rod cylinders, with data on selection criteria and features, product specifications, mounting options, spare parts, service and repair, ordering information, and more. The new catalog includes a complete up-to-date listing of Rexroth CDT1 and CGT1 medium-duty cylinders; CDT3, CGT3 and CST3 “Z” series of metric ISO cylinders;  CDT4, CGT4, and CST4 heavy-duty linear position cylinders; and CDT4 large-bore cylinders, up to 12 inches bore size. 

Rexroth’s Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinder Catalog includes extensive technical data on all three  CDT, CST and CGT series of tie rod cylinders, which are designed to offer long-lasting reliability for a full range of industrial uses, including iron and steel manufacturing, foundry machinery, machine tool and automotive operations, presses, plastics machinery, material handling, wood and paper production civil engineering systems, and more.

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