TIG Torches Upgraded with Patented Grip, Torch Body


As part of the engineering and design alignments between innovative TIG torch manufacturer, Weldcraft, and industry leader, Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Weldcraft announced that its air-cooled WP-17 TIG torch series now includes the patented Diamond Grip (previously found on the Miller Diamond Back torches). To increase operator comfort, the Diamond Grip helps operators maintain a secure grip for superior torch control in all welding positions. Weldcraft's upgraded WP-17 torch is now featured on Miller's Syncrowave® 200 AC/DC TIG/Stick welder to deliver professional quality welds on hobbyist or light industrial applications.

Engineered for Comfort, Durability
The addition of the Diamond Grip combined with the WP-17's and WP-17V's compact and durable design, make both torches ideal for professional or hobbyist welders working in the shop or in the field. The ergonomic torch body helps the operator maintain the correct relationship between the torch and weld joint and helps to reduce downtime associated with operator fatigue.

"The addition of the Diamond Grip to the WP-17 torch series is only one of many exciting steps our engineering and product development teams have taken to optimize the quality of our entire TIG torch and accessory product lines" says Mike Sammons, sales and marketing manager, Weldcraft.

The ribbed handle remains cool even after prolonged operation. "The Diamond Grip will help operators deliver excellent results on critical or limited-access TIG applications," continues Sammons.

For operator convenience, the WP-17V includes a fingertip gas control valve and both torches use 10N series consumables. Available with either 12.5- or 25-foot cable lengths and single or two-piece power cable assemblies.

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