TIG Welders Added to The Lineup


TIG welding solutions lineup delivers even greater weld output with the addition of Dynasty 800 and Maxstar 800. Delivering up to 800 amps of output power, these machines are great for applications such as pipe and tube fabrication, precision fabrication, pressure vessel fabrication, and exotic material fabrication.


The Dynasty 800 power source is AC/DC TIG and stick-capable, while being rated for 1-in. thick aluminum and steel.  The Maxstar 800 is DC TIG and stick-capable, while being rated for 1-in. thick steel.  The meter calibration on both machines ensures the digital meters can be accuractely adjusted.

Both machines can connect to most types of input power due to their Auto-Line power managment technology, allowing operators to work in more places. Additionally, the Cooler-On-Demand feature operates the machine’s auxiliary cooling system when needed, reducing noise, energy, and contaminants. 


  • fully compatible with Miller wireless remote control solutions
  • Dynasty 800: AC/DC TIG, stick-capable, 1-in. thick alumium/steel
  • Maxstar 800: DC TIG and stick-capable, 1-in. thick steel
  • connect to most input power sources
  • Cooler-On-Demand feature
  • Auto-line technology
  • Pro-Set feature offers easier set-up
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