Tile-Top matting


Wearwell® just announced the introduction its newly improved line of Tile-Top matting. Tile-Top AM and UltraSoft Tile-Top AM are now 100% anti-microbial—a major advancement in the company’s effort to continually improve matting solutions. Wearwell®’s Tile-Top mats have long been a best-seller in hospital and healthcare facilities, laboratories, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturing, packaging and postal areas. “Of course we pride ourselves on bringing innovative, breakthrough products to the market, but what’s more important is creating products that meet a need. Because Tile-Top mats are often used in areas where contamination control is important, it just made sense to make them anti-microbial,” said Lisa O’Dell VP of Marketing and Product Development for Wearwell. The anti-microbial surface of these products is able to destroy micro-organisms on contact and can also result in a significant reduction of air-borne contaminants. In addition, the mat’s exceptional comfort is the result of its micro-pure™ Nitrile composite sponge base, which also offers permanent anti-microbial properties.
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