TNC 620 Contouring Control


With the TNC 620 with digital drive control, HEIDENHAIN Corporation introduces an exciting new control for use on both milling machines and machining centers with up to 5 axes plus spindle. This new TNC is based on an innovative software platform NC Kernel. Once again proving its ability to offer a conversationally friendly control, HEIDENHAIN offers its TNC 620 equipped for handling even very complicated tasks, including those that use swivel and rotary axes. And for simultaneous machining with up to five axes, the TNC 620 offers special functions that produce optimal machining results. Dynamic look-ahead, algorithms for jerk limitation and intelligent motion control are the type of available functions that enable the TNC 620 to handle even very stringent requirements on the surface of a finished workpiece. It is important to note that the main computer, controller unit, and other components of the HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 control system feature a new, powerful interface: HSCI (HEIDENHAIN Serial Controller Interface). HSCI is based on the 100BaseT Ethernet standard so well known in network connections. This helps make short cycle times for data transfer possible, considerably reduces cable costs and eases installation. Together with the new, purely digital EnDat 2.2 encoder interface, the TNC 620 has a uniformly digital design from the main computer to the encoder. Unlike many of its competitors, the main computer of the TNC 620 is housed inside the operating panel, behind the TFT flat-panel display. Because of this, complicated wiring into the electrical box is a thing of the past. Lastly, this TNC 620 can be customized with select functions from many available options to meet the needs of the customer; from very simple to highly complex machine applications.
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