TONiC™ super-compact optical encoder offers exceptional performance and versatility with breakthrough simplicity


The new TONiC super-compact optical encoder provides a refreshing solution to a broad range of motion control applications, delivering exceptional signal purity and stability with a low cost of ownership and fast, easy set-up. TONiC optical encoders provide the accuracy of fragile fine-pitch encoders, but in a rugged, simple-to-install package.  TONiC encoder capabilities will be demonstrated in Renishaw's booth (No. 302) at the 2009 Motor, Drive and Automation Systems Conference March 3-4 in Orlando, Florida.
    Advanced optical design and innovative electronics are featured in a compact readhead (35 mm x 13.5 mm x 10 mm L-W-H) for great design/application flexibility and installation even on micro-manufacturing systems for the semi-conductor, lab and medical fields. Enhancing application versatility, TONiC is available in both linear and rotary versions. Supporting many applications from standard motion control to ultra-high precision stages, TONiC offers speeds to a maximum of 10 m/s (3.24 m/s @ 0.1 µm resolution), fine resolution to 5 nm and handles operating temperatures up to 70°C.
    Innovative optics with very high ‘signal to noise’ ratio, combined with dynamic signal processing, ensure ultra-low sub-divisional-error (SDE <±30 nm) and jitter. TONiC delivers a level of performance previously available only from more delicate fine-pitch encoder systems. Two integral readhead LEDs give quick and easy set-up and diagnostics, while simple construction using an ASIC and integrated sensor technology brings ‘fit and forget’ reliability.

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