Toothed-Belt Linear Drive


New DryLin ZLW is a lightweight, toothed-belt linear drive equipped with a hard-anodized aluminum profile, a DryLin W compact linear guide and iglide plastic sliding elements. Now customers have the option of a maintenance-free, self-lubricating, lightweight actuator when designing a linear drive system. DryLin ZLW is ideal for quickly positioning small loads and can be employed in a number of industries from packaging to medical technology to food and beverage. DryLin ZLW is available in two configurations: ZLW 01 for zero maintenance, absolutely no external lubrication and a lightweight, cost-effective design; and ZLW 02 designed for applications requiring high speeds. A compact miniature version of DryLin ZLW 01, which only weighs 2 pounds per every 3 feet, is also available. All designs are equipped with the following components: a hard-anodized aluminum profile; a DryLin W, single-profile compact linear guide system with round shafts; plastic sliding elements made of iglide J high-performance plastic; and plastic end blocks. DryLin ZLW 01 is equipped entirely with plain plastic bearings. In addition to the iglide J sliding elements, iglide L250 radial bearings and iglide J thrust washers are used in the pulley mechanism in the end blocks. The design eliminates the need for any oil or grease, as all iglide plastics self-lubricate with a dry lubricant. DryLin ZLW 02 is designed for high-speed applications, up to 20 feet per second. Both series are designed to be lightweight, quiet and economical, adding to the list of benefits for customers. “DryLin ZLW, igus’ first linear actuator, is an impressive addition to the DryLin product line,” said Matt Mowry, DryLin product manager for igus. “It combines the maintenance-free, lightweight and lubrication-free features of iglide plastic bearings with the speed and compactness of DryLin W linear guide systems, enabling the mechanism to deliver superior, worry-free performance. Customers now have the opportunity to use this cutting-edge linear actuator for a variety of applications in packaging, material handling and many others.”


* 100 % lubricant-free version with plain bearings * maintenance free * Many-sided and simple assembly * Freely selectable stroke length * Flat and sturdy * Light and corrosion resistant * Insensitivity to dirt * 2 installation sizes in 2 versions (Basic and Standard) * Delivered off the shelf * Temperature range from 0° to 50° C
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