Torque Right fittings provide a visual indicator that the fitting is properly tightened.


Hand tightening single use fittings is typically a guessing game; most specify “finger tight,” a subjective measurement that varies by person and finger strength. Diba Industries’ patented pending Torque Right™ fittings eliminate this process variable, assuring the torque required for a proper seal by providing objective feedback that desired torque has been achieved. Accurately torqued fittings ensure tight fluid connections and consistent, leak-free processing. The pre-assembled Torque Right fittings are designed with tabs on either side, scored to fold in when the fitting is seated with the right amount of torque. This visual indicator allows installers to hand tighten fittings without tools, torque specification, or guesswork. The ergonomic design results in less strain on installers and facilitates training. When paired with Diba’s Flared Tubing Assemblies, Torque Right fittings produce a continuous, fully swept Fluoropolymer fluid path with a consistent internal tubing diameter in sample, reagent, wash, waste and other types of lines. The tight connections provided greatly reduce or eliminate dead volumes and carryover problems. Torque Right fittings are available with a standard *-28 thread size in nine distinct colors for easy connection coding and identification. Custom configurations with Diba’s Flared Tubing Assemblies are also available; customers may specify tubing material, inside diameter (I.D.) and outside diameter (O.D.) of up to 1/8”.
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