Torque Tester


The Torquemate® FTA-100  is a new torque tester by Mountz, Inc. designed for torque testing and calibrating torque tools. The digital torque tester provides exceptional accuracy for measuring torque  on various torque tools including pulse tools, hand screwdrivers, torque wrenches and power assembly tools. The small size and portability of the torque analyzer makes it ideal for checking torque tools on production floor daily or weekly to ensure the tools aren't falling out of calibration. The versatile and cost effective torque calibration instrument features the ability to count pulses, which is a key element for the setting the torque on a pulse tool  as well as evaluating the maintenance schedule for a pulse tool. 

The FTA-100 unit displays both the peak torque reading and the number of pulses performed during a preset time frame to reach the final torque value. Featuring an intuitive operating system the FTA-100 provides an auto filter frequency selection system based upon type of tool being used in peak mode. The easy-to-use menu structure allows engineers and calibration technicians to quickly perform torque tests and adjust settings as needed on the torque tester. The torque analyzer features an Over Current Protection (OCP) system that protects the unit from damage or malfunction. The FTA-100 includes the Mountz Data Manager software that easily allows an engineer to collect and analyze the torque data. Mountz includes a free ISO17025 Calibration Certificate with the purchase of the new torque tester, which is instant cost savings. Other key attributes the torque meter offers are a USB interface to download torque readings in “real time” and provides "EZ-Plug & Play" with Mountz torque sensors that feature "ARCII" technology, an instant auto-recognition system. Each Mountz torque sensor connected to FTA-100 is recognized automatically by the unit at the time of power-up.


  • small size and portability
  • features the ability to count pulses
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