Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. announces CoolPoint™ Totalizing Series vortex shedding flowmeters for measuring, monitoring, verifying and controlling flows of water, water/glycol coolant or low-viscosity fluids in automated and robotic processing applications. CoolPoint™ vortex shedding totalizing flowmeters are electronic instruments that have no moving parts to stick or coat and can process water, coolant or fluids that may contain particles. The flow totalizer enables the user to control the total amount of water, coolant or fluid in a process. Universal Flow Monitors offers CoolPoint™ Totalizing Series flowmeters in 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch pipe sizes for flows ranging from 25 to 200 GPM (95 to 750 LPM). The totalizer features a six-digit LED, pulse output and push-button selection for gallons per minute (GPM) or liters per minute (LPM). The user can toggle between two totals, one running and one resettable. CoolPoint™ Totalizing Series flowmeters provide flow accuracy of +/-1.5 percent of indicated total. Maximum operating pressure is 300 PSI (20 Bar), and turndown is 10:1. Universal Flow Monitors offers CoolPoint™ Totalizing Series meters with flow bodies of brass or 316 stainless steel with PVDF sensors and Viton® seals. The stainless steel models are designed for low-viscosity corrosive fluids and water with chemicals added. Models without a totalizer are available in pipe sizes from 1/4 inch to 4 inches for flow ranges from 4 GPM to 600 GPM (15 LPM to 2271 LPM).
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