Trailer Medic, a self-adhesive waterproof repair


Cofair has
introduced Trailer Medic, a self-adhesive waterproof
repair for leaky trailers. Designed to withstand
140 mph hurricane force winds, Trailer Medic’s heavily
reinforced aluminum surface can last for years. The
Trailer Medic offers easy application for both shop
repairs and drivers on the road that need to protect
a load from a leaky trailer. To apply, just peel off release
paper and press in place. Trailer Medic can be applied
to metal and fiberglass surfaces, and is available in
both aluminum and white aluminum finishes.
Trailer Medic is available in three sizes: 6 inches
by 10 feet, 6 inches by 25 feet, and for larger repairs
36 inches by 33.5 feet. Trailer Medic can be found
at truck stops and other retail establishments in both
the 10-foot and 25-foot rolls. Fleet customers can
order Trailer Medic in bulk rolls by contacting Cofair

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