TrailerCaddy® Powered Trailer Mover


DJProducts, Inc. is the world leader in providing powered trailer movers and an electric trailer mover to the manufacturing, hospital, and retail industries. They provide solutions that eliminate the pains and strains associated with manually moving heavy carts and wheeled equipment.

The TrailerCaddy® powered trailer mover is designed for moving equipment and products that are supported by their own wheels and generally have a tongue that needs to be raised from the ground. In this powered CANNON moving application, the prime government contractor needed an ergonomic powered solution that helped eliminate the possibility of an injury due to manually pushing the tCANNONS trailer down the assembly line. Once the TrailerCaddy® powered trailer mover was attached, they could easily pull, push, and maneuver the CANNONS trailer with ONE PERSON, safely and under control.

The compact, ergonomic design allows the TrailerCaddy® powered trailer mover to maneuver in tight areas, such as hallways and aisles, as well as open spaces. Its powerful 36-volt motor can be upgraded to maneuver loads up to 50,000 lbs.

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